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November 2021
Nov 294:10pm“Heterogeneity and Fate Decisions in the Developing Mammalian Germline”Green Hall
Nov 294:30pmLive Mindfulness Meditation
Nov 296pmZumba with Noriko
Nov 3011amHealth TEAM lab OPEN!!Hutchison Hall
Nov 3012pmNAS Colloquium: "We Are the Land: A Native History of California in the 20th and 21st Centuries"Online
Nov 3012pmCANCELLED - Book Project: Social Justice JournalismOnline
Nov 3012pmGrand RoundsOnline
Nov 3012:10pmGentle Yoga
Nov 303pmEmpowerment for Scholars against Sexual Harassment: Understanding Current Trends and Institutional ClimatesOnline
Nov 305pmTai Chi with William Bi
Nov 306pmKickboxing with Van
December 2021
Dec 112pmBook Project: Interprofessional Book Club - Discussing How to Be an AntiracistOnline
Dec 112pmKickboxing with Van
Dec 11pmNew Postdoctoral Scholars Orientationonline
Dec 16pmZumba with Noriko
Dec 210amAATC Writing Specialist Drop-In Writing Support (virtual)University House
Dec 210amGetting to the Point: Communicating the Value of Your ResearchGraduate Center, 1220 Walker Hall (Gibeling Room)
Dec 211amHealth TEAM lab OPEN!!Hutchison Hall
Dec 212pm9th Circuit Cowboy The Long Good Fight of Judge Harry Pregerson Panel Discussion
Dec 212:45pmLive Mindful Pause
Dec 21pmInternship & Career Advisor @ The Native Nest - Native American Academic Student Success CenterUniversity House
Dec 21pmWriting the Scientific Article: Understanding IMRaD FormatGraduate Center, 1220 Walker Hall (Gibeling Room)
Dec 22pmConflict Competence: Civility and Respectful Communication (for Faculty)
Dec 3Fall 2021: Instruction Ends
Dec 310amComplete Conflict Competence Training for Graduate Students and PostdocsGraduate Center, 1230 Walker Hall (West Conference Room)
Dec 312pmMindful Conversation with TeaCarlson Health Sciences Library
Dec 312:10pm"Exit Seminar: Examining Behavior and Growth Across Ontogeny in a Precocial Waterfowl Species, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Predator"Hart Hall
Dec 312:10pm"Transgressive Segregation in Rice: A Non-Reductionist Approach for Re-Exploiting an Old Science for Novel Adaptive Phenotypes"Green Hall
Dec 312:10pmMindful Self-Compassion Meditation
Dec 312:30pmComplete Conflict for Graduate Students and Postdocs: Conflict Management Practice OnlyGraduate Center, 1230 Walker Hall (West Conference Room)
Dec 32:10pm"Computational Microscopy of SARS-CoV-2"
Dec 34:15pmSit Down with ScholarshipsRemote via Zoom
Dec 49amZumba with Noriko
Dec 47:30pmDamien Sneed | Joy to the World: A Christmas Musical JourneyMondavi Center for the Performing Arts
Dec 52pmAlexander String Quartet with Robert Greenberg | Chamber Music of Antonin DvořákMondavi Center for the Performing Arts
Dec 6Fall 2021: Final Examinations
Dec 6Fall 2021: Final Examinations Begin
Dec 611amUC Davis CPE Online Info Session: Human Resource Management
Dec 612pmResponsible Conduct of Research Program Series: Creating Culture of BelongingOnline
Dec 64:30pmLive Mindfulness Meditation
Dec 66pmZumba with Noriko
Dec 711amHealth TEAM lab OPEN!!Hutchison Hall
Dec 712:10pmGentle Yoga
Dec 75pmTai Chi with William Bi
Dec 76pmKickboxing with Van
Dec 810amUC Davis CPE Online Info Session: Inclusive LeaderOnline
Dec 812pmUC Davis CPE Online Info Session: Healthcare Analytics
Dec 812pmKickboxing with Van
Dec 812:10pmRelax and Release: Grounding
Dec 84pmUC Davis CPE Online Info Session: Accounting