"Dense, Inhomogeneous, Granular Shearing" Thursday, September 13, 2018, 12 – 1pm
"Dense, Inhomogeneous, Granular Shearing"
Campus Location:Kemper Hall
Location of Event:UC Davis Campus
Event Type:Lectures and Seminars
Presented by:Dr. Diego Berzi, Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy
Sponsored by:Dean's Office, College of Engineering

We make use of recent extensions of kinetic theory for dense, dissipative shearing flows to phrase and solve boundary-value problems for steady flows of a dense aggregate of identical frictional spheres sheared in a gravitational field between horizontal, rigid, bumpy boundaries by the upper boundary or in the absence of gravity between two coaxial, bumpy cylinders by the inner cylinder. In both scenarios, the resulting flow consists of a region of rapid, collisional flow and a denser region of slower flow in which more enduring particle contacts play a role.

In the denser region or bed, we assume that the collisional production of energy is negligible and the anisotropy of the contact forces influences the shear stress and the pressure in the same way. We show profiles of average velocity and provide relationships between the thickness of the fast flow, the gravitational acceleration (if present), the velocity of the moving boundary, the shear stress and the confining pressure.

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