44th Annual Diabetes and Endocrinology Symposium Friday, October 12, 8am – Saturday, October 13, 2018, 5pm
Location of Event:Other
Cost:$330 before 9/12/18 , $380 beginning 9/13/2018 and until day of symposium
Event Type:Conferences and Symposia
Presented by:Office of Continuing Medical Education
Sponsored by:Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism; Department of Internal Medicine


Thyroid testing: Which tests to order and when?

Attendees will:
•Learn the most informative for diagnosing hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, and identifying their underlying causes such as Grave’s disease, silent subacute thyroiditis, thyroid nodule, Hashimoto’s disease
• Recognize the unhelpful and unnecessary tests to avoid
• Learn the most cost-effective testing approaches for different thyroid disorders

Endocrine Approach to Common Hypoglycemia: Case based discussion
Attendees will:
•Learn the common causes of hypoglycemia such as renal failure, liver failure,bariatric surgery and malnutrition
•Recognize the best testing algorithm to work up of hypoglycemia
•Learn how to treat dierent causes of hypoglycemia

Controversies in Endocrinology: Adrenal Fatigue and Adult Growth  
Hormone deficiency

Attendees will:
•Appreciate the medical and public views on these subjects to be able to address the questions and concerns of their patients
•Learn how to recognize the patients who may have significant pathology and how to test them
•Learn when treatment is necessary and how to treat

PCOS: What are the roles of primary care doctor and endocrinologist?
Attendees will:
•Learn how to correctly diagnose PCOS by using cost-eective testing
•Recognize eective treatments for dierent presentations of PCOS
•Learn how to prepare and when to refer the patients to reproductive

Advances in Infertility Treatment:  From the perspective of reproductive gynecologists
Attendees will:
•Learn how to determine different causes of infertility
•Recognize appropriate referral algorithms
•Appreciate the technology available to reproductive gynecologists and their success rates

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