Linguistics and Computer Science: "Analyzing Phrasing Effects via Found Conversations" Monday, November 13, 2017, 3 – 5pm
Room:2203 (Andrews Conference Room)
Location of Event:UC Davis Campus
Contact Phone #:530-752-2635
Event Type:Lectures and Seminars
Presented by:Lillian Lee
Sponsored by:Department of Linguistics and Department of Computer Science

“Analyzing Phrasing Effects via Found Conversations: ‘Parallel Universes’ in Twitter, ChangeMyView and the Federal Open Market Committee

Lillian Lee, professor of computer science and information science, Cornell University — What effect does language have on people? This talk will focus on the effect of phrasing, emphasizing aspects that go beyond just the selection of one particular word over another. Does the way in which something is worded in and of itself have an effect on whether it is remembered or attracts attention, beyond its content or context? Can we characterize how different sides in a debate frame their arguments, in a way that goes beyond specific lexical choice (e.g., "pro‐choice" vs. "pro‐life")? The settings Lee will explore range from movie quotes that achieve cultural prominence; to posts that catch on or change minds on Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter, arXiv and the ChangeMyView subreddit; to language that affects discussion points among members of the Federal Open Market Committee.

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